Just Cant Focus

So ive posted before About my teacher. But I had another dream about him. For the past two days in class I can’t focus for anything. Every time I look at him I see everything that happened in my dream and I feel almost awkward about it like you can read my mind. I know he can’t but I feel like secretly deep down he has the same dreams and he knows about it. He is gods gift to women. Even when he tries to be mad or angry he comes across as sweet. Hes a huge teddy bear. 

Anyways, eveytime i look at him i see us fucking. Fucking on his desk, fucking in his car, fucking in the closet, fucking , fucking, fucking. And i know hes huge. You can tell by the way he walks. And sometimes when he sits on the desk and his pants tighten up you can see his bulge. 😳😍 GOOOODDDD! THANK YOU!!

I had to bring some papers up to him today and i swear it was the most nerve wrecking thing ever. Its only scary cause i dream about him every night and i feel like he knows. I saw this thing on whisper and at my school somebody had posted about sleeping with a teacher. God do i hope its him. Its probably not cause he hates pedaphiles but once im not in school anymore, whos to say what happens. 

I know it would be the best fucking sex of my life. 


fwb back

so my fwb that had to move away is now back. i havent been in touch with him because of fear that he will think i ACTUALLY want to be with him in a relationship kind of way. but i didnt have to reach out to him, he reached out to me. he messaged me last night and he was in the shower. god thats so hot. anyways he wants me to come over tonight. i havent been with him in about 2 weeks so im sure hes horny. i cant wait to see how this plays out. im glad hes back. im glad i have my fwb back, now i just have to wait to find out how long i have him for.

Dear mr. teacher……

notice: this is all a dream i had last night this is not real. nothing illegal has occurred.

so my VERY hot history teacher came over and i’ve always had this unbelievable crush on him. he’s tall and muscular and tan and he has a beard which to me is very sexy. anyways we fucked. it of course was the best sex ive ever had in both dream world and the real world. it was like nothing ive ever felt before. he was different. he wasnt fast and furious, but slow and gentle which is definitely all very different from most of my  endeavors. we slept together after that which again is very different from past experiences. this attraction to older men is definitely killing me. i cant touch them and they cant touch me. everything is against the rules and taboo. god what  i would do to get my hands on him. everyday in class i fantasize about seducing him and fucking him on his desk. that fear of getting caught would make it even hotter and more exciting. of course because of this my grades dont always reflect what i actually know cause i easily get distracted. but i just bat my eye lashes at him and he lets me get away with everything. images

can sluts justify feelings?

can sluts have feelings? i mean can we really justify having feelings for another person? can we justify being hurt because we are being “used”? i mean we are subjecting our self to incriminating acts of meaningless sex so how can we justify that our feelings are valid? how can we justify anything? we can’t get mad over being “used.” that is how we present ourselves to the world. a dirty slut anyone can use so when we actually are we cant cry about it and act like we didnt really ask for it. we did. im not talking about rape or unwanted ventures, im talking about having hurt feelings when someone just wants you for sex. i guess we can still strive and thrive for a real relationship, but no one wants to wed a slut. she no good. shes used up. shes damaged goods with daddy problems and fear of commitment. she’s not who you wanna take home to mom and dad. she’s not who you want to brag about to your friends. she’s nothing. once your in the  slut zone you cant crawl your way back out, you’re stuck there probably for forever. once someone knows, you no longer are valid in the department of potential partners. i guess that’s the price we pay. we have our momentary fun and then we pay our dues of hellos and goodbyes and we move on. and one man after another, we secretly hope one of them will fight for us and want us to only be their little slut.  


Right now guy 2 is skyping me and we are having fun! He is fucking playing with my mind and i secretly love it.  My top is off right now and he secrtely loves it even though he denies it. God do i wanna fuck him. Just one hard ass fuck. Thats it. He’d fuck me in the ass and i’d LOVE it . Ughh he’d fill me up.  Still talking to him and hes so sexy

Everybody Loves A Good Slut

I think why we’re so in love with sluts as a culture, is because they do what we wish we could do ourselves. They have no boundaries. And that is exactly what i’m out to do. Be someone everyone else secretly wishes they could be. I’m already a slut but i’m a closeted slut so nobody knows except those i fuck. 

I lost my fwb. So now im off to find another. There are no good contenders though. Actually there’s one. He was my first actually. But ill talk about tht in another post. Anyways hes gotten so much hotter since then. Unfortunetly i think ive gone in the other direction of the attractiveness scale. 

I wanna tie him to the bed and blindfold him, but hes too scared. Maybe i could persuade him ;). I think hes afraid of not having power but im not in it for the psycho babble bullshit. He would look so good tied up and squirming underneath me. He just doesnt know it yet. No im not gonna force him i think he just might wanna see it my way if i let him do it to me first. I can share power.
Hes not like all the others. He more laid back. Relaxed. Hes very………. VANILLA. Everyone else wants to be freaky but not him. Thts why he’s so intriguing . I wanna make him a freak. 

Horny as hell…

Wanting to fuck so badly over here. I would offer it up like candy but i prefer to be a secret slut. Its a lot more fun. I did get an offer from thomas. Hes younger than me, but he quite experienced. I should fuck him just to fuck. Tht other guy though. He had to move so hes no longer in close fucking proximity. But boy do i miss his dick. Maybe i could get them both together and we could all fuck. That might be a little weird. Oh well who cares right. I did fuck sam the other day. It was so good. I went over to his house and went to his room. It started out like all other fucks do. But he fucked me so hard it was hard to sit up afterwards. My pussy still is throbbing from it. He came all over me. And of course i sucked him off so he was clean. Just thinking about it makes me so wet. Be horny all the time is a real hassle.